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The Screenwriter's Journey? 

The full course consists of over 70 videos and 10 hours of content, covering everything that isn't covered in the famous screenwriting manuals and courses. 

This isn't about "how to write a screenplay" (although that is covered), this is about how to build our career once we have that screenplay. How to deal with negative feedback. How to make our screenplay stand out for the right reasons. How to market ourselves to producers. How to have a meeting with an agent. And most of all - how to keep going when we face the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks. 

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From Hywel Berry, author of
The Screenwriter's Journey

“This is a great book to pick up every time you need some extra motivation to get on with writing that screenplay. It’s not some sugar coated waffle, it’s a really easy to read book that helps you progress, and actually get on with doing some writing.”

"His blunt honesty and genuine self-reflection is a breath of fresh air in an industry always trying to sell you magic beans. This is an essential book that should be added to your bookshelf alongside Goldman, Field, Snyder and McKee."

“What I found most helpful was how it guided me through the entire writing process and beyond in a very natural way that has given me a huge amount of creative confidence.”

“I’ve read a ton of books on screenwriting, but what this one does far better than the others is to lay out, in unvarnished detail, a practical road map for making it as a screenwriter in the real world.”

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