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5 Top Tips to break in as a Hollywood screenwriter

Brought to you Hywel Berry, author of The Screenwriter's Journey

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  • The 8 stages all writers need to go through to break into Hollywood

  • How to build your life around a writing schedule

  • How to create cinematic stories using a few simple questions

  • How to deal with difficult feedback

  • How to market and sell ourselves more effectively to agents and producers

  • How to deal with emotional highs and lows of the movie industry

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  1. Excited to get back to writing your screenplay
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  3. Aware of what you need to do to move your career forward
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Reviews for Hywel and The Screenwriter's Journey

"It breaks the process down into clear definable stages. What's most interesting is that it does not try to provide a quick fix or elevate people beyond their capabilities, but it does coach and nurture people along the way."

"The Screenwriter’s Journey is an impressively comprehensive guide for the beginning and intermediate screenwriter includes tips for how to avoid giving up on yourself along the way, packed with great information (including answers to questions many writers don’t even know that they should be asking)."

"Not only does Hywel Berry take us through the tips and tricks of writing a screenplay, he made me ask myself the difficult questions that will arise at each stage. As well as insights into the industry, The Screenwriter's Journey offers well thought-out and clear advice that I will be able to use every day of my writing journey."

"It is great when you need some extra motivation to get on with writing that screenplay. It's not some sugar coated waffle, it's a really easy guide that helps you progress, and actually get on with doing some writing. Highly recommended."

"What I found most helpful was how it guided me through the entire writing process and beyond in a very natural way that has given me a huge amount of creative confidence. I'm a very different, much improved writer for having read this and can see myself returning to it as a reference for years to come. Well worth the money and the time."

"Very honest. Very useful. It really is about building a career more than just writing a screenplay. Every time I finish a screenplay and don't make a sale I go into a total funk. This book really takes you through how to pick yourself up and keep going. Happily recommend to anyone still trying to break in."

"Hywel berry is, above all else, a realist. He doesn't let you kid yourself that the unwritten screenplay in your head will lead to glorious Hollywood success. He's painfully upfront that your first screenplay will probably be awful (if you even finish it at all) and it'll probably take several more completed screenplays for you to even get halfway good at your craft. For those who are serious, it gives a uniquely valuable blueprint for actually doing it."

"This is a must-have for anyone who has ever thought that they might have a script in them. Who knows what cinematic and televisual gems of the future it might unlock!"

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